Heather Dee and Steve Roy

Autumn Sol, an acoustic duo, is Heather Dee and Steve Roy.

Autumn Sol began with one question from Heather to Steve: “Do you play guitar?” Steve said, “I sure do, why do you ask?” Heather told Steve she had written lyrics to a song for her sister Mary who had passed away and she wanted to put them to music. As Heather read the words and Steve strummed, Mary’s Song came together just as Heather had envisioned. It was evident from the beginning that together their purpose was found. The creative process was as natural as breathing and together Autumn Sol was created!

In those early days, many nights were spent jamming and rehearsing and creating new music. At those jam sessions Heather would bring new lyrics, written or just singing them on the fly and Steve would bring a new chord progression or new lyrics from random ideas scribbled in a notebook and the ingredients to what would become their songs began to come together. Luckily, they had recorded some of those sessions on video. With VHS no longer available, those tapes were transformed to digital and became the basis for the songs on their soon-to-be-released album.

From performing on many diverse stages over the years to meeting EJ Ouellette of Whole Music Studios who helped them put their music on record for posterity, Heather and Steve are excited to bring the music of Autumn Sol to everyone.

Heather Dee is from North Andover, Massachusetts. Her love of music began at an early age singing with her grandfather. In her school days, Heather was in the school band, chorus and drama with a focus on musical theater and teaching. During those years she also was in the choir whose director, Edward B. Gammons, was from The Royal School of Church Music, London England. Heather’s Mother, Father and sister also sang with the Andover Choral Society many years, performing Handel’s Messiah, under the direction of John Everett Collins.

Steve Roy is from Amesbury, Massachusetts. His love of music began as a small child listening to his father practicing with his barbershop quartet in the kitchen of their home and his mother playing records and singing. His sister and brother are singers, and his brother is also a drummer. Many family gatherings were spent around the table working on harmonies and singing. Steve was in the school band and the chorus and then during his college years played guitar in the streets and subways of Boston MA. Being legally blind from birth had a great influence on Steve’s songwriting and performance.